Booze 'N Koozies

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Pelor's Hope

Notable Occupants:

King Titus Harper

Marendithas Bearcharger

Watson Copperfield




First Episode:

Last Episode:

Episode 175 - Two Steps Forward

Episode 175 - Two Steps Forward

MISC Info:

Hosted Thirsty Thursdays

Served Tiki Drinks, Blazing Hands, & The Fish Bucket

The Booze 'N Koozies was a bar located in Paelor's Hope. King Titus Harper used to regularly play guitar here with other people he adventured with, including Merendithas Bearcharger. Archmage Watson Copperfield would also come by to have drinks with King Harper on various Thirsty Thursdays.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Harper and Co. planned on how to prepare to save Galanthis, only to be interrupted and told that the Oakbacks have taken Bucky. They then decided to go take care of that.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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