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Bucky wearing the skin of Yeenoghu

"I'm a girl, I am a DM... Let's get over that." ~ Veronica, the girl DM

Bonus Episode - An Evil Trip to Slay a God[]

While we are mentally, spiritually and financially preparing ourselves for GeeklyCon 2015 we decided it would be just a hoot to release a series of very special Drunks and Dragons episodes. These were recorded during our Tabletop Day 2015 24-hour live stream. It was a blast and we had the pleasure of being joined by Veronica from Cthulhu & Friends as a guest DM. Since we never intended for these episodes to be recorded, or to be listened to, or to be saved forever I think it is safe to say that they are … unique. Unique in so many ways that I do not want to ruin the surprise. I will say that things get sexual almost immediately and there are some pretty bad accents. Which is fun.

Cast and Player Characters[]

Non-Player Characters[]

  • The Sexy Pixie



Long Story[]

In a dim and dark dungeon, several adventurers of various races, classes, and backgrounds, all wake up... on slabs! Evil Steve, Tyvondrious, and Rika find themselves tied down, with a hooded figure standing over them. It count the three of them and asks for a volunteer. A human named Mikal volunteers, and he is strapped down along with the others. There is a man chanting in the center of the four slabs, which, incidentally, are all facing in polar directions. Ty attempts to escape, but is stabbed in the neck by the hooded figure. As he dies, memories of his mother come flooding into his mind. Evil Steve and Rika do not attempt to escape their bonds, but are also stabbed in the abdomen. Evil Steve gets a look at the hooded figure, who has cracked, dried lips, and bloodshot eyes. Mikal, the last survivor, is covered in oil, which serves to make his body feel more sensual, and aroused. He is then stabbed and killed.


They open their eyes to find themselves in an area covered in vines, with blinking lights all over the place. Rika remembers, and the others follow, that they signed up for some kind of ritual that would allow her and the others to take out a god, Melora, who was blessing many people, threatening to eradicate the evil in the world. We can't have that. Mikal's memories are slightly different, and Evil Steve doesn't remember that he was ever married. After comparing notes, Ty sees a shape come toward them and attacks, striking Mikal. There is a brief tussel, in which Evil Steve uses two of his daily powers, until Ty is able to calm everyone down, whereupon they rest. During this time, a small green light flies onto Ty's shoulder and speaks to him, asking if he is okay. She kisses his cheek, adorably, and he gets to take two healing surges. She then flies to Mikal and licks his nose, sensually, also giving him two healing surges. This is a pixie, by the way. The sexy pixie tells them that the portal to this place is supposed to be closed, and is upset to learn that they died. She flies off, beckoning them to follow, she will take them to a god. As they follow, Steve lets slip that they are there to kill a god. The pixie turns red and asks them about it, but Evil Steve persuades her to continue on. The head east, seeing that the vines and plants are moving themselves out of their way. She leads them to a set of doors, and then vanishes.

To be continued...


Four evil beings are sacrificed and sent to the Astral plane, with the purpose of slaying the god Melora. They fight each other and then meet a sexy pixie, who escorts them to a set of doors befor vanishing...


  • These three episodes were recorded as a part of the Trevor Project
  • Cheryl Meloncamp was a wand user, and Steve/Evil Steve picked up the skill to impress her. It is unknown if real Steve possesses this skill

Quest Log Updates[]


  • Evil Steve, Ty, and Rika roll Perception checks
    • Evil Steve - 16
    • Ty - 26
    • Rika - 26

  • Ty makes an Athletics check to escape his bonds - 20
    • He is stabbed in the neck.

  • Rika rolls History to see if she remembers her time on the slab - 19
    • She remembers her life as a criminal.

  • The others do this as well
    • Mikal - 20
    • Evil Steve - 15
    • Ty - 23

  • Ty rolls to attack the shape - 17+17=34
    • Veronica rolls a d4 to see who she hits, 1-Mikal, 2-Evil Steve, 3-Rika, 4-Miss.
      • 1 - he hits Mikal for... 18 damage.


  • Initiative
    • Rika - 28
    • Mikal - 26
    • Evil Steve - 21
    • Ty - 8

Round One

  • Mikal
    • Casts Orb Master's Incendiary Detonation - 16 vs Reflex
      • Misses

  • Evil Steve
    • Attacks Rika with Life Ending Strike - 18+16=34 vs AC
      • Tyvondrious casts Guardian Counter, swapping the two's position, so Evil Steve attacks him
      • Hits - 25 damage
        • Ty gets an attack in - Nat1
          • Miss, accidentally doorknobed Rika and made an ass out of himself
    • Evil Steve uses an action point to use Frenzied Beast Rage - 17+16=33 vs AC
      • Hit - 34 damage

  • Ty does a Religion check to see where the h they are - 20
    • They are somewhere in the Astral Plane, where the gods live
    • Relays that information to the others, suggests they stop fighting

Combat Ends

  • Evil Steve rolls Bluff to get the pixie to take them to the god - 11+5=16
    • She believes it