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The BTS (Bloody Talon Shrieker)
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Location: Greenham
Notable Occupants: Oliver Hairmouth Angel la Pamela Sanjerita
Status: Intact
Affiliations: The Tower of Grey
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 380 - Sky Pirate Delight Episode 416 - The Tragic Fate of Tidtowne
MISC Info: Maybe used to be Junpei's ship?

The Bloody Talon Shrieker (or, The BTS) was an Githyanki Airship that was commandeered by The Tower of Grey in The Elemental Plane of Air. It has since become the Tower's primary method of transportation, superseding the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Most notably, it featured a Sphere of Annihilation on the deck, that served as a means of destroying any items deemed necessary by the crew. When the Tower of Grey had it, they would alternate Annihilating their poop, and mayonnaise from Toby Treacletart's Alchemy Jug.

Recent Events[]

On their mission to defeat Fuckin Gary in a Bone Card Battle, the Tower of Grey encountered Dodge Grabbit, sworn enemy of Fuckin Gary, in Venduria, in The Elemental Plane of Air. Grabbit was then attack by a Githyanki crew from aboard the airship. The Tower rescued Dodge, killing most of the crew members in the process. They left alive Oliver Hairmouth and Angel la Pamela Sanjerita to help them pilot the thing.

After defeating Fuckin Gary, the Tower were transported to The Elemental Plane of Fire, leaving the airship behind.

They later used the spell Wish to cast Plane Shift in order to return the the Elemental Plane of Air, and their new airship, which they then used to return to Greenham in Drunkeros.

It was later used to travel to The Slime Pits of The Abyss, whereupon it was left behind in The Astral Plane with a skeleton crew to keep it safe. The Planar Crystals that powered it were hidden in Toby's Bag of Holding, as it was discovered that those were being tracked.


  • Another name was possibly The Butt Toot Surprise