"Aludra Eats the Bacon!" was a Greetings Adventurers goof that originated between Episode 117 - The Breakfast Club and Episode 118 - Finding the Worst City Ever. In the former, Aludra Wyrmsbane and the rest of the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons sat down to eat a lot of food they believed to be poisoned by the necromancer Riekert Svenson. Upon discovering that the food was, in fact, not poisoned, the gang became to feast, some enthusiastically, others, with more hesitation. Aludra zealously began chowing down, whereupon Jennifer Cheek exclaimed "Aludra Eats the Bacon!" It was very funny. After the episode, apparently Tim Lanning listened back to it, and, deciding that the other members of the podcast needed more catchphrases like he does ("I'm a good baby, and everyone loves me!", "Call me Darkblade.", Something about a "brand"), he figured this would be a good thing for ol' Jennifer to say every episode. Really go for that t-shirt appeal, you know? Anyway, he forced her to say it a couple of times, and it's very funny. She attempts to come up with a better one, to deflect from the Bacon one, but "Bazinga" was already taken.

An occasional variant is Jennifer/Aludra saying "I eat the bacon!", but this is not as funny.

In Episode 402 - King of the Chaos, Aludra caught a burrito, so they brought it back, but made it "Aludra catches the Burrito!" Everyone laughed. It was a good day.

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